Common Sense, Decency and Liberty

My goal with this campaign is simple: To do good. First and foremost in my mind is improving the lives of Texans. I have three guiding values that promote this goal: common sense, decency, and liberty for all Texans.

Common Sense

Polarization run amok has made good policy take a backseat to partisan bickering. Common sense means focusing on results. This means listening to people and always thinking practically about how to deliver the best outcomes possible.


Decency means having the type of respectful and informed discourse we would like to see in the world. We’ve all experienced the disheartening and unproductive rancor of discourse lately and we all need to do our part to change it. Even when we disagree we must recognize each other’s humanity. Governing is about improving lives, not scoring points.

Liberty for All Texans

I am so proud to be part of a nation and a state that emphasizes liberty. It is our never-ending task to increase liberty by guaranteeing equal protection under the law and promoting opportunity.

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