June 3, 2017


“Governing a complex state like Texas takes energy, stamina and good sense. Sarah has these qualities in spades. She is an extraordinary young woman with the gifts of intellect and inspired hard work. Without doubt she will serve our district with the best of her abilities. Once in the Texas Legislature, she has the capability to bring together people with divergent views and to listen to learn what is the best course of action. Our district cannot do any better at all than to have Sarah Depew represent us in Austin. As a member of the Texas Water Development Board, Region C Water Planning Group, I look forward to working with Sarah to address the future of water for North Texas.”

–John Lingenfelder, 2010 candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, 3rd Congressional District.

“Sarah has my vote in 2018. She is intelligent, thoroughly researches and understands the issues, and listens to Texans in our district to really understand our concerns. She will be a great representative for us in the Texas House.”

–Sue Kacines

“I have had the proud privilege of knowing and working with Sarah for eight years. Although Sarah and I stand on the opposite ends of the political spectrum and we almost always disagreed on policy and politics; I can say honestly say that she carries herself with class, is extremely well educated and informed of the issues and knows how to honestly and fairly debate, compromise and think outside the box.
Despite our political differences, I proudly endorse my friend Sarah for the Texas House of Representatives because her level of class, intelligence and dedication to the citizens of Texas is greatly needed in Austin.”

–Justin Ryan

“Sarah is one of my most favorite people, but all that aside I know she is a leader qualified for the Texas House of Representatives. Her education speaks directly to what she stands for. Sarah is the person you would want fighting for you because she will work night and day. If you’re looking for an intelligent hard-working individual, Sarah is just that person. Sarah’s education, dedication to getting the job done, and fighting for what she stands for is why I endorse her for Texas House of Representatives.”

–Terrell George

“Sarah is one of the most amazingly intelligent and wonderful people anyone will meet anywhere! Sarah has everyone’s absolute best interests in mind 24/7 – 365!”

–Mark Andrew Zwartynski

“Sarah’s track record of fighting for Texas’s next generation makes her overqualified to represent House District 67. For over 5 straight sessions the legislature has relentlessly pursued a partisan agenda that ignores the majority of our population, and it is clear that our current rep is out of touch with his constituents. Sarah Depew is the right person to bring common sense back to Austin.”

–Jason Purcell

“Sarah Depew has my full endorsement for State of Texas House of Representatives. She will listen to the people of HD67 and do a great job for you! Come meet her!”

–Michelle Solis

“I first met Sarah Depew at the Black Walnut Cafe in Allen last May on a Sunday afternoon. She had a newborn baby with her and she was there to support my candidacy and help me win; she was there to block walk for me. I clearly remember her trying to put some “Runoff Election” stickers onto my Election materials and every time she would try, her baby will pull it right out. It was hilarious to watch. But what I could not help but notice how committed she was. Even as a new mother, she was a woman with a mission – help a City Council candidate win.
Since then I have met her on many other occasions where she has demonstrated intelligence, sensitivity and a clear understanding of the progressive issues.
Any candidate who is committed to working so hard for other candidates as they are about their own campaign – clearly “cares” about other people. We all hope we elect leaders who actually care about us and our issues. She is a true servant leader.
I encourage everyone who lives in HD 67 to meet with her and/or research her, etc.
She has my endorsement and full support.”

–Tabassum Ahmad

“The Texas House in Austin is currently 95 Republicans to 55 Democrats……..some daunting odds when you are the Democrat in the room, advancing policy in the interests of your constituency. Those numbers will improve, but the job will still be tough. Clearly not a job for anyone who is faint of heart or inconsistent in their conduct.
As a First Term Representative in Austin, how would Sarah Depew conduct herself and represent the voters of HD67 under those challenging circumstances? The HD67 Communities Unite event on November 18th. tested Mrs. Depew. It gave voters an opportunity to see Mrs. Depew in action presenting and defending her values and policies in a respectful debate with leaders of widely differing policy positions.
She was articulate and showed an impressive depth of detailed knowledge on the issues. No loose clichés being dropped. Simply solid on the issues. Voters saw her tenacity and passion to defend her policy positions. Mrs. Depew showed how she would be a determined fighter for HD67 interests in the House in Austin.
The attendees left the debate with no doubt that Sarah Depew would be an effective Representative on their behalf, even in the midst of the lopsided numbers in Austin.
The reality is a debate currently stacked 94 to 56 in Austin and because she clearly has the skills needed to do this tough job, I stand with Sarah Depew.”

–Dwight Briggs

“It has been a real pleasure to get to know Sarah Depew Just as she threw her hat in the ring for HD-67 Representative. Sarah is a very compassionate person who has volunteered to help those who are less fortunate; those in Foster Care, the homeless, and others. Sarah is also passionate about our governance, our constitution, and those who represent us. Sarah will receive my vote!”

–Neal Bert


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