Sarah Depew

Common Sense Solutions for Texas House District 67

Common Sense, Decency and Liberty

My goal with this campaign is simple: To do good. First and foremost in my mind is improving the lives of Texans. I have three guiding values that promote this goal: common sense, decency, and liberty for all Texans.

Common Sense

Polarization run amok has made good policy take a backseat to partisan bickering. Common sense means focusing on results. This means listening to people and always thinking practically about how to deliver the best outcomes possible.


Decency means having the type of respectful and informed discourse we would like to see in the world. We’ve all experienced the disheartening and unproductive rancor of discourse lately and we all need to do our part to change it. Even when we disagree we must recognize each other’s humanity. Governing is about improving lives, not scoring points.

Liberty for All Texans

I am so proud to be part of a nation and a state that emphasizes liberty. It is our never-ending task to increase liberty by guaranteeing equal protection under the law and promoting opportunity.

HB 1774

We urge Governor Abbott to convene a special session to repeal HB 1774.  This new law weakens homeowner protections and homeowner remedies when an insurance company acts improperly in paying their weather-related claims. As Texans and Americans, we can all agree that the families devastated by Hurricane Harvey deserve to be paid every penny they are due from insurance companies so that they can begin rebuilding their lives.

Without repealing this disastrous law, thousands of Texas families already devastated by Hurricane Harvey may be open to further victimization by predatory insurance practices. The Texas Legislature must act now to ensure every family can rebuild their lives and communities. 

The Undersigned

Sarah Depew for HD 67  @SarahHD67

Steve Riddell for HD 91 @S_RiddellTX92 

Nancy Bean for HD 93 @NancyBean4TX

Beth Llewellyn McLaughlin for HD 97 @beth4TX97

Mica Ringo for HD 98 @ringofortexas

Brandy K. Chambers for HD 112 @BrandyforTexas

HB 3859

It would have been easy to protect the liberties of religious organizations while at the same time protecting the religious liberties of subcontracted agencies, service providers, and most importantly the children in foster care. I am very disappointed our legislators chose to go in another direction with this bill.

Religious organizations could already reject foster and/or adoptive parents that don’t fit into their belief structure. However, as the state continues to privatize foster care placements (and it is likely they will also privatize casework this session), single source continuum providers are wielding an increasingly large role in our child welfare system. A single source continuum provider is a foster/adoptive agency that is responsible for all foster care placements within a region. They essentially have a monopoly over the region. Because they cannot possibly absorb all of the children in a region they subcontract other agencies. They also contract with service providers such as therapists for children in care (and soon, their parents as well). A religious organization may be a single source continuum provider. Many foster care/adoption agencies are secular and license any home that is fit to receive children. However, according to HB 3859 a religious organization can choose not to subcontract a secular agency for placements, or refuse to contract with a secular therapist. According to HB 3859, a religious organization or foster home may spiritually instruct a child or place them in a religious school without any regard for the child’s religious beliefs or their wishes. There are no protections for biological family members to have a say in their child’s religious instruction under this bill. LGBT and non-Christian children may be forced to receive therapeutic services from a religious provider that is neither accepting nor affirming.

Under HB 3859, there are no protections for a child wishing to receive birth control or other types of medical care if it is in conflict with their foster care agency, even if the child is of age to be their own medical consenter. HB 3859 states that if a child requests medical care that the placement is unwilling to provide then the child may be referred to another family. This is asking a child to choose between receiving types of medical care or having to uproot yet again. This is unacceptable.

Although religious organizations could already reject families based on religious grounds, they now can dictate to secular agencies that they must do the same. It is wrong to reduce the number of safe and caring homes for foster kids at a time when they are already experiencing a dangerous shortage of available placements. It is unacceptable that there are children sleeping in crowded foster homes or CPS offices while there are LGBT and/or non-Christian parents eager to care for them.

A religious liberty bill should protect the liberties of all parties, especially the children being served.–regional-govt–politics/from-overnight-religious-refusal-foster-care-bill-heads-gov-abbott-desk/NaJ1lEtdte5kErRsInQuoL/


Today I announced my candidacy for the Texas House of Representatives District 67. I am so proud to be part of a movement here in North Texas aimed at embracing common sense, decency, and liberty for all Texans. I stood alongside dedicated candidates and engaged citizens who inspire me with their passion and endurance. I know working together we can create positive discourse and positive changes in our community. Thank you so much to everyone who was there and for the support you’ve shown me so far.